What is java

If we are talking about Java Technology it seems to be everywhere, but what exactly is it? The following section explain how java technology is used in real world.

Definition of Java Language

Java is very simple, high-level, secured, multithreaded, plateform independent, object oriented programming language. It was developed by James Gosling in SUN Microsystem in 1990's for developing internet application.

Its first version is released in January 23, 1996.

Java Features

To support internet application development Java Programming has below features.

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Robust
  • Portable
  • Object Oriented
  • Multithreaded
  • High Performance
  • Dynamic

Terminology used in programming language

  • Source Code - Developer written program is source code, it is written according to the programming language syntax.
  • Compiled Code - Compiler generated program that is converted from source code.
    • Compiler - It is transalation program that converts source code into machine language but once.
    • Interpreter - It is also a transalation program that converts source code into machine language but line by line.
  • Executable Code -  OS understandlble readily executable program(.exe files).
  • Compilation -  It is a process of translating source code into compilled code.
  • Execution -  It is a process of running compiled code to get output.

Unlike other high level programming languages Java Technology plateform is a hardware or softward environment in which programs are executed. Java has its own software based plateform called JVM - Java Virtual Machine.

What is plateform ?

A plateform is a hardware or software envinorment in which a program runs.

What is meant by plateform dependent and plateform independent application ?

  • Plateform Dependent -  An application that is compiled in one operating system but if it is not run in deifferent operating system then that application is called plateform dependent application.
  • Platefrom Independent -  If the application compiled code is able to run in different operating system then that application is called palteform independent application. Java is plateform independent programming language, because Java program compiled ocde can run in all Operating Systems.

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