string compareto java

The string com­pare­to java method com­pares the giv­en string with cur­rent string lex­i­co­graph­i­cal­ly. It returns pos­i­tive num­ber, neg­a­tive num­ber or 0.

In the event that the first string is lex­i­co­graph­i­cal­ly more greater than sec­ond string, it will give a pos­i­tive num­ber. On the off chance that the first string is not as much as sec­ond string lex­i­co­graph­i­cal­ly, it returns neg­a­tive num­ber and if the first string is lex­i­co­graph­i­cal­ly equal to the sec­ond string, it returns 0.

com­pare­To() method is used to per­form nat­ur­al sort­ing on a string. Nat­ur­al sort­ing implies the sort arrange which applies on the object, e.g., lex­i­cal request for String, numer­ic request for Sort­ing whole num­bers etc.

Syntax -

Note — String­Param rep­re­sent string that is to be com­pared with cur­rent string. And this method return type is inte­ger.(Read Also — Excep­tion Han­dling in Java)

String CompareTo() java method Example-

Here we have five Strings and we are com­par­ing them with each oth­er using compareTo() method.

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