C library function – strcpy()


In this tutorial i will explain you strcpy() function in c programming. strcpy() function in c, copy one string into another string. In C strcpy c is available in string.h header file.

Why do u need strcpy() function ?

We can’t assign one string into another string using assignment operator that is why we need strcpy() function. Let’s take an example –

We have created two variable a and b, variable a contains value 10 but variable b is empty. We can assign variable a value to variable b using assignment operator.

In case of string i want to do similar kind of operation then it is not allowed in C using assignment operator and below given example is wrong.

Syntax –

destination: Pointer to the destination array where the content is to be copied.

source: This is string which will be copied. It might be string variable or string constant.

Example Program –

Output –

strcpy c


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