SourceTree Windows Installation guide

In this tutorial you will learn about how to install SourceTree in windows, so without wasting any time click the below given url to download SourceTree setup (.exe file).

Download Link –

SourceTree Windows Installation –

Once you download SourceTree you have to follow below given steps to complete the installation of SourceTree.

Step 1-  Once you double click on Source Tree Setup one prompt window will appear you have to  accept the licence agreement and click on continue button.sourcetree windows

Step 2 – In the next window it will ask for Atlassian account if you don’t have account, if you are new user click on Go to My Atlassian and create a new account.

sourcetree windows

Step 3 – If you have account click on ‘Use an existing account’ to login.sourcetree windows

Step 4 – Registration complete window will appear then click on Continue button to complete installation of SourceTree. 
sourcetree windowStep 5 – Once installation complete click on Skip Setup as given in the below screenshot.

sourcetree windows

Step 6 – Installation complete now your source tree will look like this.
sourcetree windows

 Step 7 – Before adding project into SourceTree Go to Tools> Options- select below given check box as per the screenshot.

sourcetree windows

Step 8 – To create a repository click on Clone/New button, one prompt window will appear in that Source Path =[Your Project Repository URL] and in the Destination Path =[Local Repository location] then click clone button.

sourcetree windows Step 9 – Now all the master repository file will be available on your local repository.

sourcetree windowsStep 10 – Now your repository i created successfully make your necessary changes and commit your code.

sourcetree windows Before committing any changes to master repository make sure your local repository is up to date, select changed file and pull changes to master.

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