Java Basic Language Elements

In Java, we have 6 java basic lan­guage ele­ments to devel­op below are 6 types of appli­ca­tions. Below dia­gram shows the 6 basic pro­gram­ming ele­ments hier­ar­chy Java Basic Lan­guage Ele­ments Pack­age- It is a java fold­er used to group relat­ed class­es, inter­faces and enum also used to sep­a­rate new class­es from exist­ed class­es if both have the same name. … Read moreJava Basic Lan­guage Ele­ments

Testing of First Java Program (Scenario)

Test First Pro­gram Devel­op­ment- Hi Guys, Today you will more excit­ed to cre­ate and test-first devel­op­ment in java you have to fol­low below-giv­en case before exe­cut­ed test first devel­op­ment pro­gram on java. For more under­stand­ing of First­Pro­gram Syn­tax and Com­pile time and Run­time Error exe­cute below-giv­en test case and see the result com­ment your result … Read moreTest­ing of First Java Pro­gram (Sce­nario)

First Program in Java

Pro­ce­dure to devel­op first Java pro­gram Step 1 :Cre­ate a fold­er to store all your pro­grams. This fold­er is called the “JavaT­e­ch­Word­Work­ingDi­rec­to­ry” Assum­ing the fold­er path as (C:JavaTechWorldJavaTechWordWorkingDirectoryAjay01Basics). Step 2 : Open notepad (start > run > type notepad ) and type below code. Step 3 :Save this file in the 01Basics fold­er with name Note : Java file name … Read moreFirst Pro­gram in Java

How to set path in Java

The path is required to be set for using tools such as javac, java etc. If you are sav­ing the java source file inside the jdk/​bin direc­to­ry, path is not required to be set because all the tools will be avail­able in the cur­rent direc­to­ry. But If you are hav­ing your java file out­side the … Read moreHow to set path in Java

What is java

Def­i­n­i­tion of Java Lan­guage- Java is very sim­ple, high-lev­­el, secured, mul­ti thread­ed, plat­form inde­pen­dent, object-ori­en­t­ed pro­gram­ming lan­guage. It was devel­oped by James Gosling in SUN Micro sys­tem in 1990’s for devel­op­ing inter­net appli­ca­tion. Its first ver­sion is released on Jan­u­ary 23, 1996. Core Java Fea­tures- To sup­port inter­net appli­ca­tion devel­op­ment Java Pro­gram­ming has below fea­tures. … Read moreWhat is java

About Automation Testing

Hi Guys Before jump­ing to the accep­tance test­ing first we will dis­cuss about man­u­al test­ing and automa­tion test­ing. Man­u­al Test­ing- Man­u­al Test­ing per­formed by human sit­ting in front of com­put­er care­ful­ly exe­cut­ing the test steps. Automa­tion Test­ing- Automa­tion Test­ing means using an automa­tion test­ing tool to exe­cute your test case suite. The automa­tion soft­ware can … Read moreAbout Automa­tion Test­ing

Java class and Object

Def­i­n­i­tion of java class — A Java class is a spec­i­fi­ca­tion or blue­print or tem­plate of an object that defines what goes to make up a par­tic­u­lar sort of object. Thus a class is a log­i­cal con­struct, an object has phys­i­cal real­i­ty. A class defines the struc­ture, state and behav­iour that is shared by a set of objects and each object … Read moreJava class and Object

Oops Concept in Java

Intro­duc­tion to oops con­cepts in java — In oops con­cepts in Java, OOPS Stands for “Object Ori­ent­ed Pro­gram­ming Sys­tem” it is a tech­nique, not tech­nol­o­gy. it means it doesn’t pro­vide any syn­tax or API. oops, con­cepts in java pro­vide sug­ges­tions to devel­op objects in pro­gram­ming lan­guages. oops, pro­gram­ming lan­guage intro­duced for rep­re­sent­ing a real-world busi­ness object by … Read moreOops Con­cept in Java

Java — JVM Architecture

In this chap­ter, I pre­sent­ed the essen­tial com­po­nent of JVM Archi­tec­ture. To get more detailed infor­ma­tion on JVM Archi­tec­ture refers to a text­book “Inside JVM, By Bill Vern­ers”. JVM Archi­tec­ture- Vir­tu­al Machine- Vir­tu­al Machine is Soft­ware that cre­ates an envi­ron­ment between the com­put­er plat­form and end user in which end user can oper­ate the pro­gram. Java Vir­tu­al … Read moreJava — JVM Archi­tec­ture

Java- How hashmap works in java or How get() and put() method works internally

Hi Guys, In this java tuto­r­i­al we will learn about one of the impor­tant con­cepts of col­lec­tion and most of the time this ques­tion will be asked in inter­view room is HashMap and Today we are going to learn how hashmap works in java. HashMap in Java Java HashMap class imple­ments the map inter­face by … Read moreJava- How hashmap works in java or How get() and put() method works inter­nal­ly