Oops Concept in Java

Introduction to OOPS OOPS Stands for “Object Oriented Programming System” it is a technique, not technology. it means it doesn’t provide any syntax  or API. It provide suggestions to develop objects in programming languages. oops programming language introduced for representing real world business object by achieving security. Another reason to invent oops is to achieve … Read more

Install Groovy Windows

Groovy TutorialGroovy Introduction Install Groovy Windows Groovy Syntax Groovy – Data Types Download & Groovy Installation Go to this link and http://www.groovy-lang.org/download.html download windows installer. Click on Windows installer to start download. Once download complete launch installer and follow below given steps to complete the installation. Select the language. Click next button in the screen. … Read more

Java- How hash map works in java or How get() and put() method works internally

Hash Map in Java Java HashMap class implements the map interface by using a hashtable. It inherits AbstractMap class and implements Map interface. it store value in key, value pair format. HashMap is known as HashMap because one of it’s technique i.e hashing. HashMap Example

Internal Implementation of HashMap- Hashing – Hashing is a … Read more

Java String

Java String String is sequence of character placed in double quote (” “). Performing different operation on string data is called String Handling. All String literals in java program, such as “xyz” are implement as instance of this class. String are constant; their value can’t be changed in the same memory after they are created. … Read more

History Of Java

Java History- The java plateform was intially developed to address the problem of building software for networked consumer electronic devices. it was designed to support multiple host architecture and to allow secure devlivery of software components. To meet these requirements compiled code had to survive transport across networks operate on any client OS, and assure … Read more