ABP Full Form

What is the Full Form of ABP ?

Anan­da Bazar Patri­ka
Anan­da Bazar Patri­ka is a famous Hin­di news chan­nel head­quar­tered in Noi­da through abp full formwhich we get news of entire world.

Slogan :

Yeh Hai Star (1998 – 2013)
Aap Dekh Rahe Hai Star News (1998 – 2013)
Sirf Star News Par (1998 – 2013)
Aap­ko Rakhe Aage (2013 – present)

History of ABP :

20 years ago STAR News was formed on 18-Feb­ru­ary-1998 from 2003 STAR News turned into a total Hin­di News Chan­nel. It was the pri­ma­ry bilin­gual (Eng­lish – Hin­di) news chan­nel and was ran by STAR India . But when the tie up with the NDTV lapsed in 2003, STAR News was changed into a total Hin­di dialect news chan­nel, some por­tion of STAR and ABP tie up.

In 2003, the agree­ment with NDTV fin­ished and STAR chose to run the chan­nel indi­vid­u­al­ly. Be that as it may, the leg­is­la­ture pre­sent­ed a rule top­ping remote val­ue in the News busi­ness to 26%. In 2004, the star entered into a Joint Ven­ture with Anan­da Bazar Patri­ka group and formed a com­pa­ny called Media Con­tent and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Ser­vices Pvt. Ltd. (MCCS) which ran the chan­nel STAR News. STAR pos­sessed 26% in this JV while The Anan­da Bazar Patri­ka amass claimed 74%. In 2012, after the split of ABP gath­er­ing and Star, the Media Con­tent and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions rebrand­ed Star News as ABP news on 1 June 2012.

Current assets : 

Anan­da Pub­lish­ers is a divi­sion of ABP Group below is the asset details of ABP.


  • Anand­abazar Patri­ka Ben­gali lan­guage dai­ly news­pa­per
  • Ebela Ben­gali lan­guage tabloid news­pa­per
  • The Tele­graph Eng­lish lan­guage dai­ly news­pa­per


  • Anan­damela
  • Unish-Kuri
  • Sanan­da
  • Anan­dalok
  • The Tele­graph in Schools (TTIS)
  • Desh
  • Boier Desh
  • For­tune India

News chan­nels

  • ABP Live — Eng­lish lan­guage News in World­wide. For­mer­ly known as STAR Live
  • ABP News — Hin­di lan­guage news chan­nel in India. for­mer­ly known as STAR News.
  • ABP Anan­da — Ben­gali lan­guage news chan­nel in India. for­mer­ly known as STAR Anan­da.
  • ABP San­jha- Pun­jabi lan­guage news chan­nel in India.
  • ABP Majha — Marathi lan­guage news chan­nel in India. for­mer­ly known as STAR Majha.
  • ABP Asmi­ta — Gujarati lan­guage news chan­nel in India