Google Announces Speed Scorecard and Calculator Tools Launched at MWC 2018

Google report­ed the arrival of two new mobile bench­mark­ing appa­ra­tus­es Google Speed Score­card and Google Cal­cu­la­tor to enable mobile des­ti­na­tions to enhance client their end-client expe­ri­ence. The new appa­ra­tus­es revealed at Mobile World Con­gress (MWC 2018) plan to delin­eate why busi­ness­es ought to orga­nize mobile speed. The first is a com­par­i­son appa­ra­tus and sec­ond ascer­tains the … Read moreGoogle Announces Speed Score­card and Cal­cu­la­tor Tools Launched at MWC 2018

Components of JDBC

What is java Java His­to­ry Java Basic Lan­guage Ele­ments How to set path in Java First Pro­gram in Java Test­ing of First Java Pro­gram (Sce­nario) Dif­fer­ence between C++ and Java Java – JVM Archi­tec­ture Com­ments, Iden­ti­fiers, key­words in Java Data Types & Lit­er­als Vari­able in Java & its types Con­trol State­ments in Java Oops Con­cept in Java … Read moreCom­po­nents of JDBC

string compareto java

The string com­pare­to java method com­pares the giv­en string with cur­rent string lex­i­co­graph­i­cal­ly. It returns pos­i­tive num­ber, neg­a­tive num­ber or 0. In the event that the first string is lex­i­co­graph­i­cal­ly more greater than sec­ond string, it will give a pos­i­tive num­ber. On the off chance that the first string is not as much as sec­ond string … Read morestring com­pare­to java

LG new Flagship Smartphone Judy will be launched in June


LG Judy- LG gave an awe­some news to its dar­ling at the begin­ning of this new year. Soon after CES 2018, LG gad­gets gave an astound­ing news : The group which was work­ing for LG G7 had ceased and begun attempt­ing to dis­patch anoth­er product.LG Next Flag­ship Smart­phone Judy to Land in June. Blass depend­ably spills … Read moreLG new Flag­ship Smart­phone Judy will be launched in June

Top 10 apps that save money 2018

app that save money

Apps That Save Mon­ey — Today I will tell you Top 10 apps that save mon­ey, if you vis­it Google Play Store you can find mil­lions of apps relat­ed to Social Media and Gam­ing app but you don’t know there are sig­nif­i­cant appli­ca­tions for deal­ing with your accounts. Well, usu­al­ly spend­ing our hard earned mon­ey on things … Read moreTop 10 apps that save mon­ey 2018

Java String charAt()

The Java string charAt() strat­e­gy restores a char an val­ue at the giv­en index num­ber. The index num­ber begins from 0. It returns StringIn­dex­Out­Of­Bound­sEx­cep­tion if giv­en index num­ber is greater than this string or neg­a­tive index num­ber. Sig­na­ture- The sig­na­ture of string charAt() method is giv­en below : [cray­on-5bc6c70ba8000489601162/] Java String charAt() method exam­ple — [cray­on-5bc6c70ba8006438151556/] StringIn­dex­Out­Of­Bound­Ex­cep­tion … Read moreJava String charAt()

Redmi Note 5 Might launch in India in Febuary

Red­mi Note 5 — At the point when smart­phone com­pa­nies con­vey squeeze wel­comes to pro­duc­tions, there are two ways they com­mon­ly go about it : They let the cat out of the bag about which gad­get they’re report­ing, or they keep things as obscure as could rea­son­ably be expect­ed. Xiao­mi has done the last with its … Read moreRed­mi Note 5 Might launch in India in Febuary

String replace Java

String replace in Java- The String replace in Java() method returns a string replac­ing the old char­ac­ter to new char­ac­ter or CharSe­quence is called String replace Java. In JDK 1.5, a new replace() method is intro­duced, allow­ing you to replace a sequence of char­ac­ter val­ues. For Java String Han­dling] “Replac­ing a char­ac­ter with new char­ac­ter, use below meth­ods of … Read moreString replace Java

Nokia launches Reef Shark high capacity chip-sets that deliver massive performance gain in 5g Networks

reef shark 5g networks

After suc­cess­ful 4G Rev­o­lu­tion, now tele­com indus­try is tak­ing next step towards 5G. Nokia doesn’t want to lose a sin­gle oppor­tu­ni­ty that is why Nokia has launched their own Reef­Shar high-capac­i­­ty Chipsets to gain 5G net­works in future with com­pact size, cost and pow­er con­sump­tion of net­work oper­a­tors and meets the mas­sive com­pute and radio require­ments of 5GRead moreNokia launch­es Reef Shark high capac­i­ty chip-sets that deliv­er mas­sive per­for­mance gain in 5g Net­works