Exception Handling in Java

Excep­tion Han­dling in Java Def­i­n­i­tion — Excep­tion Han­dling in java is a run-time error that caus­es due to log­i­cal mis­take because of wrong input is giv­en by a user. Tech­ni­cal­ly excep­tion is an object instance of throw­able or one of its sub-class­es. When excep­tion raise pro­gram exe­cu­tion ter­mi­nat­ed abnor­mal­ly, abnor­mal means the state­ment placed after excep­tion caus­ing state­ment … Read moreExcep­tion Han­dling in Java

Abstract class in Java

Abstract class Def­i­n­i­tion — A java class that is declared as abstract using abstract mod­i­fi­er is called the abstract class in java. it is par­tial­ly imple­ment­ed class used for devel­op­ing some of the oper­a­tions of an object which are com­mon for all next lev­el sub­class­es. So it con­tains both abstract meth­ods, con­crete meth­ods includ­ing vari­ables, blocks, … Read moreAbstract class in Java

Concordion Test Framework

Con­cor­dion Intro­duc­tion — Con­cor­dion is a automa­tion accep­tance test frame­work, writ­ten in java orig­i­nal­ly devel­oped by David Peter­son. It is dis­trib­uted under Apache License. You can use with all pop­u­lar java based IDEs like Eclipse, InteliJ Idea, Net­beans. Pre­req­ui­sites — If you want to learn con­cor­dion you should have under­stand­ing of java pro­gram­ming lan­guage and html. … Read moreCon­cor­dion Test Frame­work

Java Interface

Java Inter­face Def­i­n­i­tion- Java Inter­face is ful­ly unim­ple­ment­ed class used for declar­ing a set of oper­a­tions of an object. It con­tains only pub­lic sta­t­ic final vari­ables and pub­lic abstract meth­ods. It is cre­at­ed by using the key­word inter­face. It is always cre­at­ed as a root class in object cre­ation process. We must design an object starts with … Read moreJava Inter­face

SourceTree Windows Installation guide

In this tuto­r­i­al you will learn about how to install Source­Tree in win­dows, so with­out wast­ing any time click the below giv­en url to down­load Source­Tree set­up (.exe file). Down­load Link — https://www.sourcetreeapp.com/ Source­Tree Win­dows Instal­la­tion — Once you down­load Source­Tree you have to fol­low below giv­en steps to com­plete the instal­la­tion of Source­Tree. Step … Read moreSource­Tree Win­dows Instal­la­tion guide

intellij idea installation guide

intellij idea

Hi Guys, In this tuto­r­i­al, you will learn about how to install Intel­liJ idea in a win­dow and how to import the project into the Intel­liJ Idea. you can down­load Intel­liJ idea set­up from below giv­en URL. https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/ intel­liJ idea Instal­la­tion — Once set­up is down­load dou­ble click on the .exe file and choos­es next. Choose … Read moreintel­lij idea instal­la­tion guide

Stack in Data Structure

Stack in data struc­ture Def­i­n­i­tion — Stack in Data Struc­ture is one of the impor­tant con­cept for any pro­gram­ming lan­guage. Below is the def­i­n­i­tion of Stack “Stack is a dynam­ic data struc­ture with ver­i­ty of appli­ca­tion in the field of com­put­ing it is known as dynam­ic data struc­ture because stack is Last In First Out (LIFO) … Read moreStack in Data Struc­ture

Method Hiding in Java

Method Hid­ing in Java Def­i­n­i­tion- Redefin­ing super class sta­t­ic method in the sub­class is called method hid­ing in Java. In the below-giv­en exam­ple sta­t­ic method m1() is avail­able in both A and B class i.e called method Hid­ing in java. //A.java [cray­on-5bc6c7168b952090217929/] //B.java [cray­on-5bc6c7168b957964987352/] //Test.java [cray­on-5bc6c7168b959424317358/] (Read Also :Inter­face in java) Out­put- [cray­on-5bc6c7168b95b496461554/] Sta­t­ic and non-sta­t­ic method exe­cu­tion- … Read moreMethod Hid­ing in Java

Polymorphism in Java

Java Poly­mor­phism- Java Poly­mor­phism is a process of cre­at­ing a class with mul­ti­ple meth­ods with same method name with dif­fer­ent imple­men­ta­tions is called poly­mor­phism. Real Time Exam­ple of Java Poly­mor­phism- Sup­pose if you at your home at that time you behave like a father , son or daugh­ter, when you go out for shop­ping that time you behave … Read morePoly­mor­phism in Java

Custom Email Account for Free

custom email account

If you want to cre­ate cus­tom email-id for your domain or for your busi­ness then your search is over. Today I will teach you how to cre­ate cus­tom email-id for free. Pre­req­ui­site — Before start­ing you should have one active email-id and mobile num­ber for ver­i­fi­ca­tion. G Suite — G Suite is google prod­uct intro­duced in … Read moreCus­tom Email Account for Free