Transfer Money From Wallet to Bank Account

Are you look­ing for the way to trans­fer mon­ey from wal­let to bank account then you have land­ed in the right page. After demon­eti­sa­tion mul­ti­ple Indi­an com­pa­nies start­ed pro­vid­ing ser­vices to trans­fer mon­ey from wal­let to bank account but PayTm was the first Indi­an com­pa­ny which was pro­vid­ing wal­let to bank trans­fer ser­vices pri­or to … Read moreTrans­fer Mon­ey From Wal­let to Bank Account

Queue in Data Structure and Implementation in Java

Queue Imple­men­ta­tion and Def­i­n­i­tion — Queue is a lin­ear struc­ture which fol­lows a par­tic­u­lar order in which the oper­a­tions are per­formed. The order is First In First Out (FIFO). One end is used to insert data (enqueue) and oth­er end is used to remove data (dequeue). A real world exam­ple of the queue can be ATM line which … Read moreQueue in Data Struc­ture and Imple­men­ta­tion in Java

Top 10 Core Java Interview Questions

Que 1:- What is Oops con­cept ? Ans:- Fol­low the giv­en link for brief descrip­tion on Oops Con­cepts In Java. Que 2:- Why we should over­ride equals() and hash­code() method and tell me meth­ods of Object class ? Ans:- Fol­low the giv­en link for brief descrip­tion ( Read This — Every object con­tains 11 com­mon oper­a­tions — list is giv­en below Com­par­ing two … Read moreTop 10 Core Java Inter­view Ques­tions

Inheritance in Java

Inher­i­tance in Java Def­i­n­i­tion- Inher­i­tance in java means take some­thing that is already made. The process of cre­at­ing class to reuse exist­ed class mem­bers using our class name or object is define as inher­i­tance. As name sug­gest inher­i­tance means to take some­thing that is already defined. It is one of the most impor­tant fea­tures of … Read moreInher­i­tance in Java

Java Programming Interview Questions

Inter­view Ques­tions Hi Folks, In today blog i am going to share basic pro­gram­ming inter­view ques­tion on java which inter­view­er ask­ing in cam­pus selec­tion process This is one round of 10 ques­tions i am shar­ing with you. Soon i will post 10 more java pro­gram­ming ques­tions which recent­ly asked in cam­pus inter­view. Pro­gram 1 : Fac­to­r­i­al Pro­gram in Java ? … Read moreJava Pro­gram­ming Inter­view Ques­tions

Groovy Syntax

Pre­req­ui­site — Pre­req­ui­site of this tuto­r­i­al is you should have core java basic knowl­edge because groovy syn­tax are sim­i­lar to Java only. First Pro­gram Using Groovy Syn­tax [cray­on-5ba44c98­­ca4cf044309384/] Out­put — When you run the above-giv­en pro­gram you will get the fol­low­ing result — Com­ments in groovy — Com­ment is used to doc­u­ment your code. Com­ment … Read moreGroovy Syn­tax

Variable in Java & its types

Def­i­n­i­tion — Vari­able is a named mem­o­ry loca­tion used to store data tem­porar­i­ly. Dur­ing pro­gram exe­cu­tion, we can mod­i­fy the vari­able data. Each vari­able in Java has data types, for more detail on Java data types. How can a vari­able be cre­at­ed- Prim­i­tive Vari­able — These vari­able are cre­at­ed by using prim­i­tive data types. Ref­er­enced Vari­able — These vari­able are cre­at­ed … Read moreVari­able in Java & its types