Difference between abstract class and interface

Below are the difference between abstract class and interface. Sr No. Abstract class Interface 1 Abstract class is parial implemented class because it contation parital implementation of interface method. Interface is fully unimplemented class. 2 An abstract class can contain abstract and non-abstract methods. Interface can contain only abstract methods. In Java 8 Onwards, it … Read moreDifference between abstract class and interface

ABM Full Form

What is the Full Form of ABM? Anti-Ballistic Missile An anti-ballistic missile (ABM) is a surface-to-air missile, specifically designed to destroy ballistic missiles (a missile for missile guard). A ballistic missile is utilized to deliver nuclear, chemical, biological or conventional warheads in a ballistic flight direction. The expression “anti-ballistic missile” describes any antimissile framework intended to … Read moreABM Full Form

ABP Full Form

What is the Full Form of ABP? Ananda Bazar Patrika Ananda Bazar Patrika is a famous Hindi news channel  headquartered in Noida through which we get news of entire world. Slogan: Yeh Hai Star (1998–2013) Aap Dekh Rahe Hai Star News (1998–2013) Sirf Star News Par (1998–2013) Aapko Rakhe Aage (2013–present) History of ABP: 20 … Read moreABP Full Form

AAI Full Form

What is the full form of AAI? Airport Authority of India. Airports Authority of India works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and it is responsible for creating, upgrading, maintaining and managing civil aviation infrastructure in India. Service provide by AAI is to manage Air Traffic Control in India Airspace and adjoining oceanic areas. AAI is … Read moreAAI Full Form

Prime Number Program in Java

A prime number is a characteristic number more than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. For instance 2, 3, 5, 7… are prime numbers. Let’s see the prime number program in java, Program to check the prime numbers from 1 to 100 :

Output : Read Also: Fibonacci Series in Java Prime Number … Read morePrime Number Program in Java

Difference between throw and throws in Java

It is one of the important questions in the interview room. There are numerous difference between throw and throws keywords. A list of differences between throw and throws are given underneath: No. throw throws 1) The main objective of throw keyword is to create exception object and handover to JVM, Sometimes programmer creates exception object … Read moreDifference between throw and throws in Java